Thursday, 27 August 2009

Climate and Capital - seminar in London

Climate and Capital
Saturday 12 September
10.30 - 5.30, Friends Meeting House, Euston, London
A seminar organised by Socialist Resistance and Green Left
Sessions on:
  • Global Fight for Climate Justice
  • The economic crisis and the ecosocialist response
  • Gender, ecology and ecosocialism
  • Alternatives to the market
  • Alternative production
  • The impact in the global south
  • Direct action prefiguring a sustainable society
  • Sustainable cities
  • The campaign for green jobs
  • Building the fightback and organising for Copenhagen
Speakers: Ian Angus, Grace Livingstone, Raphie de Santos, Romayne Phoenix, Liam MacUaid, Helen Ward, Sean Thompson, Sheila Malone, Derek Wall, Terry Conway, Roy Wilkes and others...
Book now on-line for 1/3 off entry and £2 off new book by Ian Angus on "The Global Fight for Climate Justice" by clicking here.
Check out all the details on the seminar and get the leaflet here.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

what are my politics? I don't really know to be honest.

Sometimes I put myself down as a bit "flaky" in my politics, as a rather nerdy teenager I flirted with the old Liberal Party, before becoming a convinced lefty and sometime member of first Militant (now Socialist Party) then the SWP. I left militant partly 'cos I found their meetings dull, and preferred the SWP line on Stalinism and frankly the SWP were more active at my university (Militant were too busy with politics in the "real" word, which I now see was perfectly reasonable)
The SWP's strident, often sectarian and over simplistic politics soon began to wear thin with me and I started reading round the subject. Studying Anarchist critics of Leninism like Emma Goldmann and Peter Arshinov and later theorists (especially Murry Bookchin) but, I never really was a true Anarchist and I find the libertarian left nature of the Greens, really suits me best right now. My short attention span means my political theory is broad, but slightly shallow.
Still, within the Green Party we have our fallings out and disagreements, unfortunately sometimes the rivalries become rather too personal, which is a shame. Despite disagreements, I want to be in a broad based party with people from different traditions, coming together to fight for a common cause.