Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Blogroll, Cyclepaths etc

This is by no means complete, just some of the blog's I read. Slowly getting my head round the system here, will post something bit more interesting at the weekend, must admit it's been a bit of a non-starter) too much time spent working, just avoiding last place in a bye-election and leafleting, hours of leafleting!
From what others who have spent far more time looking at that I have, the big thing going on in my part of Bristol are the shenanigans over the future of the Chocolate Factory in Greenbank, although with the economy still nose-diving maybe the money will run out and the development at least shelved. However from what I can see the proposed scheme is far too intensive and has been spun rather expertly with more than a bucket of greenwash!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Child Poverty In Bristol

Quite Shocking figures Really!

51% in Bristol South, 49% here in East Bristol, North West is 46% and the West 26%. More than 10 years of Nu- Labour and still half the kids are born into Poverty.