Saturday, 23 May 2009

Sikh Federation says vote Green!

From their website:

"The BNP can only be defeated by mobilising all those opposed to fascism. To this end the Sikh Federation (UK) urges Sikhs throughout Britain to cast their vote on 4 June in large numbers. If any Sikhs are to cast a protest vote it is better if candidates of the Green Party are supported, which is the only major political party that has passed a specific motion in support of the Sikhs right to self determination."

First Joanna Lumley now the Sikh federation, who's next? :)

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Candidate for St. George West Ward, Vote Green Vote Nick Foster on June the 4th

I'm very pleased to be selected as Green Party Candidate for St George West. Hopefully I can build on the votes I picked up in the bye- election last year, St George isn't traditional Green territory, but I think its important we offer a positive alternative both to the empty promises of Lib/Lab/Con and the racist bile of the far right.

I have been working hard for my partner Katie Buse in Easton and the Ashley Campaign is hotting up where Daniella Radice was just 110 votes short of victory last time around. Here in East Bristol we have a great range of candidates, including one of Bristol's top Green Campaigners, Glenn Vowles in Eastville.

Must not forget the dynamic Ricky Knight who leads our Euro list and stands a decent chance, thanks to the fairer voting system used of being the South West's first Green MEP.